INCORPORATED April 14, 1903
Mount Eden Cemetery Rd, Mount Eden, KY 40046


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This feature is coming soon. We intend to publish articles on Cemetery preservation plans and what you can do to help preserve the Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Things you can do to keep the Cemetery clean:

Pick up any trash you see on your visit and take it with you. (blowing plastic flowers, ribbons, ect)

Pick up any fallen branches around your loved ones stones, and add them to the many piles of branches around the cemetery.

Report any fallen trees or stones to Myke Hart, contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

On very wet and rainy days try not to drive your vehicle into the cemetery to prevent from rutting the grounds or getting stuck. We have a small parking area at the end of the drive you are welcome to use. If you do get stuck please come get me, house in front of the cemetery and we can get you out.

Things you can do to preserve the Mount Moriah Cemetery:

Please do not plant any trees in the cemetery, trees will eventually cover, fall on, or turn over your loved ones stones.

Do not use bleaches, salt based cleaners, acids, bases, or wire brushes, when cleaning your loved ones stones. Please only use grave marker approved cleaners, like non-ionic detergents, surfactants, biocides, lots of water and soft bristle brushes.

Please refrain from trying to repair a stone with epoxy or any other type of glue to make it stick to the base. Stones are held in place to their base with a putty. Most of the stones in the cemetery are extremely old and will crumble if you try to handle them. Please contact a professional restoration company if you truly would like to preserve your loved ones stone. 

For stones that have fallen and or need straightening, please don't try to lift these stones yourself, they are extremely heavy, instead please contact Donald Bentley with Bentley Monument in Mount Eden KY. He has a specialized truck with crane and knows how to lay and straighten these stones properly. He can usually reset a stone he put in at no charge.

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