INCORPORATED April 14, 1903
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5-29-2017 - 5th Annual Mount Moriah Cemetery Memorial Day Gathering
Monday May 29th from Noon until whenever @ Harts of Eden Farm in front of Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Every Memorial Day, we try to encourage the community to get out and visit and remember your loved ones that may be buried around the various historic cemeteries in our area.

To encourage you visit, Mount Moriah Cemetery / Harts of Eden Farm will have hamburgers, hotdogs, pork barbecue, chips, and soft drinks available to anyone who stops by for a visit. We will also have fun activities such as kiddie pools (bring bathing suit), hiking trails, volleyball, badminton, wiffle ball, horse shoes, corn hole, and a bouncy house.
Come hang out with the Mount Eden community, friends, and family and have a good time rain or shine. ALL visitors are welcome.

Where: Harts of Eden Farm in front of Mount Moriah Cemetery 13057 Mount Eden Rd., Mount Eden, KY 40046
When: Monday May 29th (Memorial Day) Noon until whenever. (Kicking you out @ 10pm)
What to bring: Lawn Chair, Bathing suit, suntan lotion, appetite, favorite side dish or desert, and adult beverages.

5-22-2017 Starting annual cleanup of the cemetery to prepare for Memorial Day.

4-1-2017 Noticed a large grave stone fell this winter due to frost heave.

7-1-2016 - Mt Moriah Baptist church youth group helps weed, trim low trees, and cleanup brush from the cemetery. It was a great turnout and great help.

5-30-2016 - 4th Annual Memorial Day Gathering was a huge hit. Served around 120 burgers and 50 hotdogs. We had the band Pennies and Roses perform and a lot of the community came out to show their support.  Everyone had a great time and the cemetery never looked better.

5-23-2016 Starting annual cleanup of the cemetery to prepare for Memorial Day.

4-14-16 Cemetery Zero Turn mower gets new tires. Slopes prove too slippery for turf tires.

2-6-16 New used Zero Turn mower purchased exclusively for the Cemetery.

1-23-16 Drug out the tree and cut and stacked it for free firewood for anyone that needs it.

1-22-16 Another tree falls due to heavy snow and blocks the Cemetery Rd.

5-25-2015 - Third Annual Memorial Day Gathering is Scheduled.

5-15-2015 Starting annual cleanup of the cemetery to prepare for Memorial Day.

5-8-2015 Cleaned up recent fallen trees and stood up many fallen stones to try and expedite mowing ability. Stones were just stood by their bases/foundations. Trees stacked in piles around cemetery edges.

5-1-2015 - We were notified that the church can no longer pay for the weekly mowing of the cemetery. We are attempting to maintain this mowing our self.

4-3-15 Eight foot box blade is purchased and the gravel portion of cemetery road is box bladed to try to restore the gravel surface.

4-1-2015 Neighbor locates old metal Mt Moriah Cemetery sign in barn and returns it to us. Sign is a old road sign has a few bullet holes and may be too bent/damaged to be used.

2-1-2015 Hard winter is evident by newly fallen stones due to frost heaving and ice.

8-1-2014 Mount Eden Cemetery Rd sign has gone missing. Called the Co to report the missing sign.

5-26-2014 - Second Annual Memorial Day Gathering is Scheduled

4-15-2014 - Looking for a chipper/shredder to clean up down branches and debris in Cemetery from fallen trees

2-24-2014 - Myke & Tatum Hart purchase the McGaughey house in front of the Cemetery

2-22-2014 - Wind blows down more trees blocking the MT Moriah Cemetery Gravel Drive - Completely cleared all the down trees

2-15-2014 - Wind Blows down tree blocking Mt Moriah Cemetery Gravel Drive - Cleared a car sized path

1-7-2014 - Cleanup continues of fallen trees inside the Cemetery

12-24-2013 - Cleanup begins for fallen trees inside the Cemetery

12-22-2013 - Major storm blows thru MT Eden Cemetery and several large trees get blown over and flooding. No damage to head stones apparent.

11-10-2013 - Lonnie McGaughey passed away, previous owner of the cemetery land.

8-27-2013 - Mt Moriah Cemetery Rd gets repaved - Thank you to Tony Carriss

8-9-2013 - Heavy rain storm washes out Mt Moriah Cemetery Gravel Drive - Gravel is repaired same day

6-1-2013 - Temporary Trailer added to the property

4-27-2013 - First Annual Memorial Day Gathering - Tents were set up, Volley Ball, and Cookout. - Cemetery visitors were pleased with the cleanup efforts.

4-13-2013 - 4-27-2013 - Intense cleanup of Cemetery and surrounding property to prepare for Memorial Day

4-12-2013 - MTMORIAHCEMETERYMTEDENKY.COM was purchased and website put up

4-12-2013 - New Owners Myke and Tatum Hart have purchased Land containing the Mt Moriah Cemetery from Lonnie and Jane McGaughey


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